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Present our website/company icon for the lifetime.

Please note - PBGUIDE.COM cannot be held responsible for the content of the sites linked via this page. If you find that any of the sites advertising here has unsuitable content then please let me know -

Sites with adult or offensive content will not be eligible to take part in favicon advertising. Any sites found to change content after placing their ad will be removed and the fee paid will be forfeited.


We have all heard of the million dollar web site where you buy a pixel for one dollar, and all the various sites that have sprung up on the back of this, well this is our take on the same theme.

Show off your website/corporate icon on

For a fee of just 99 EUR you can have your icon displayed here for the lifetime of this site for all the world to see.

Why should you sign up for this?

Well this site has become very popular, since januar 2006 is now getting over 3,098,743 page views, over 949,125 unique visitors, 1,048,674 total link hits and 131,539 total link visits. So your favicon will be reaching a vast audience thus boosting the popularity of your site, and at 99 EUR it is a very cheap form of advertising.

paintball paypal

To sign up for this unique offer just click the paypal button above and enter the following information in the 'Please enter link details' box.

  1. A link to your icon 64 pixels by 64 pixels IN GIF FORMAT so that I can upload it to this site. Please no animated.
  2. If you don't have a icon, don't worry, just create an image in 64 x 64 pixels and send it to us.
  3. Your "alt" and "title" text for the link to your site. This can be up to 30 words each giving you some more text advertising space.
  4. The link url to your web site.
  5. The number square for your icon, see below. If you do not specify a number quare your icon will be placed on the next vacant quare.

You can now select which space you would like for you icon. If you hover your mouse over any vacant square you will see a pop-up number, just enter the number square you want with your details above and your favicaon will be placed there.

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